SEMKEY: The best platform for all applications that should run mobile, secure and controlled

  • Financial¬†services, insurance
    Controlled access to confidential data, mobile and home office, access to private banking services, trouble-free operation – even after power failure, call/ contact center applications, avoiding fraudulent attacks
  • Public Administration, Education
    Data and Network Security, Civil Protection, Mobile Workplaces and Private Services, Guest Access to Secured Networks
  • Telecommunications
    addition of notebook and smartphone solutions
  • Healthcare
    Reduction of administrative costs, increased security and availability of sensitive patient data, decentralized use of complex data structures and documents (X-ray images etc.)
  • Freelancers such as accountants, lawyers, accountants
    Pre-installed applications, secure data, storage of sensitive data in a secure, flexible workplace
  • Research, Development
    Worldwide access to data; Mobile use of high-performance computers or special applications, protection of intellectual property through high security standards
  • M&A
    Easy integration of different work environments
  • Trade
    Central control of branches, decentralized position monitoring, integration of branches, simple PC installations