Strategic Sales Advisory

IT services are no longer just changing with the ever-accelerating innovation cycles within IT itself. Above all, the growing maturity of fundamental new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, the operation of all IT, the applications and the data in the cloud make it fundamentally possible for new consulting and service products. Together with the leading cloud platform service providers such as Microsoft, AWS, Google or IBM, new products and services are being developed in these technology sectors. These include global sales strategies with programmatic sales or the accompaniment of M & A and strategic investments.

Our focus topics in strategic sales consulting

– Development and implementation of global consulting and service products

– Development of sales strategies for consulting and service products (GoToMarket)

– Business Development to build up appropriate business areas

– M&A support, due diligence and investment strategies


IT-technical core topics

– Artificial Intelligence

– Machine Learning , Cognitive Cloud Services , Natural Language & Image Processing NLP

– Data Analytics Big Data

– Robotic Process Automation RPA (process automation)

– End-to-End Data Transformation , Data Lake , Data Platform

– End-to-End Cloud Transformation , Cloud Platform Services

– Microsoft , AWS, Google, IBM, Open Source