Strategic Alliance Advisory

The increasing importance of fundamentally new technologies in the Cloud Platform Services environment requires close and clearly defined cooperation with leading manufacturers such as Microsoft, AWS, Google or IBM for software manufacturers, IT service providers and, above all, IT consultants.

Together with these partners, procedures and content for strategic alliances are developed and the actual partnership is accompanied.

Our focus topics in strategic alliance consulting

– Development and implementation of strategic alliance concepts

– Define the core content of an alliance and its GoToMarket

– Global initiation of partnerships

– Accompaniment of the strategic alliance


IT-technical core topic

– Artificial Intelligence

– Machine Learning , Cognitive Cloud Services , Natural Language & Image Processing NLP

– Data Analytics Big Data

– Robotic Process Automation RPA (Prozessautomatisierung)

– End-to-End Cloud Platform und Data Transformation , Data Lake , Data Platform

– Software-as-a-Service

– Microsoft , AWS, Google, IBM, Open Source