• Customer Interface
    Sales processes are controlled by our partners. Special projects are supported by SEMKEY
  • Exclusivity
    Once SEMKEY has signed a partner’s sales message, only that partner will be supported throughout the sales cycle.
  • Pricing
    The partner is free in pricing. Special project-dependent prices are defined by SEMKEY Partner Managers.
  • Price structure
    The pricing is transparent (partner price matrix). Individual, reduced prices can be achieved through additional and supplementary services (such as training).
  • Service
    All SEMKEY services (such as distribution) must be obtained from a SEMKEY-certified partner..
  • Training
    The partners are committed to regular training. Current training plans are regularly offered by SEMKEY.
  • Test-Systems
    The partner is obliged to install test systems at the customer. The test systems belong to the partners.
  • General, Global or Framework Agreements
    Global or framework agreements with customers or partners may only be made with the consent of the SEMKEY Partner Manager.
  • Marketing, Presse, PR
    Marketing and marketing campaigns may only be initiated and implemented with the consent and approval of the SEMKEY Partner Manager. This also applies to all press and PR activities.