How do we understand our partners:

Affiliate programs and contracts

  • SEMKEY OEM Partner (Level 1)
    You sell SEMKEY under your own name incl. support and maintenance.
    You independently plan software updates and enhancements.
    They also sell through their partners.
  • SEMKEY Value Added Distributions Partner
    You sell SEMKEY products incl. All services.
    You organize your own sales channels (to business partners).
    You create software masters, update and improve the versions.
  • SEMKEY Application Partner (Level 1)
    You develop integrated hardware or software solutions, also based on SEMKEY.
    They develop complementary SEMKEY products, increasing the market value of the technology.
    They seamlessly combine SEMKEY technology with individual applications.
    You develop innovative SEMKEY applications.
  • SEMKEY Business Partner (Level 2)
    You sell SEMKEY products with or without additional hardware, software and applications.
    They have specialists with special industry or application know-how.
    They know what customers want.What this brings our partners